In order to analyse different target groups in more depth, cleat-cut segmentations M’Index along with socio-demographic variables can be used:

  • Domino
    • Segmentation of target groups/audiences by psychographic criteria that describe personal traits and lifestyle of the target group representatives.
  • LifeStage
    • Segmentation based on several socio-demographic variables (age, marital status, family size, parental status and children’s age) that, all combined, make up for a family’s life cycle.
  • Thought leaders
    • This segmentation is based on the two factors: how actively a certain category of goods and services is discussed, and how knowledgeable of the area people are. This kind of segmentation identifies a group of thought leaders that actively share information with others influencing on/shaping their opinion.
  • Types of consumers
    • Consumers of a certain category are segmented by groups: Heavy, Medium and Light in terms of the product consumption rate.
  • Media Neutral Quintiles
    • All consumers of certain media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet, movie theaters) are segmented by 5 equal groups, quintiles, based on how actively they consume certain media. If MNQ analysis is carried out in a certain target group, it will show what kind of media is consumed the most/least.
  • Semiometrie
    • Semantic map that identifies general psychographic characteristics and differences in target groups.
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