Mediascope is the leading media research company in Russia. We provide data and services for all aspects of media measurement, monitoring and selection. Work of the company is based on the international standards of media and marketing studies. For media and advertising market specialists In Russia, informational databases of Mediascope serve as a background to make strategic marketing decisions. In Russia, Mediascope clients make up the largest part of media and advertisement market as well as major advertising companies – manufacturers of goods and services.

Our work in figures:
  • More than 13.4 mil GB of TV broadcasting recorded
  • More than >18,836 years of broadcasts stored in our database
  • Incoming data stream amounts to more than >1 TB a day
  • According to the hit
    we have more than 1.9 bn unique visitors
  • 250 individually customised
    banner networks

  • 55.000 advertising campaigns

  • 3 mil ad creatives issued

  • 4.4 mil advertisements

  • 5 mil images, flesh- and video files processed,

Our strengths:
  • Research of media audience size and characteristics

  • Monitoring of media advertising and content

  • Software development, testing and implementation of innovative and high-tech solutions

  • Using our own and global best practice to find solutions to Russian media industry problems

Social responsibility

We care about our employees and provide assistance to charitable organizations.

Our company has been a long-term partner of orphan foundations,such as “Here and Now”, adult care foundation “Alive”, elder people care foundation “Joyful Old Age”, ALS assistance foundation “Live now”.

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