Mediascope – a media research and advertising monitoring company with more than 25 years’ of experience on the market.

Mediascope is a leading Russian media research company with more than 25 years of work and research on the advertising and media monitoring market. Mediascope measures the audience of all media outlets in Russia — TV, Internet, radio, press, as well as the consumer preferences of the population. For more than a quarter of a century we have been creating products that provide media market participants with insight that helps them make strategic decisions and close data-driven deals.

Our research is based on international industry standards: ISO, ESOMAR, OIROM (Association of market and public opinion researchers), IAB Russia. Our clients include a wide range of companies - advertising groups and agencies, media holdings, various TV channels, Internet companies, radio stations, publishing houses, manufacturers of goods and service providers.

Currently we create hybrid media measurements based on many years of experience in panel research, use of modern technologies for collecting and processing data about an individual’s interaction with different types of media and advertising, and integration of external partner data on media consumption.

Mediascope not only transforms media research in Russia, but also sets a new industry benchmark for working and processing data on the market. In 2020, we launched the Mediascope Data Platform - our own platform for big data processing and analysis. It helps internal users as well as our clients to work with raw data and create new products from the baseline.

Mediascope’s ambitious goals allow its employees to apply their talent and experience to solving complex technological challenges and create new products. In the field of media measurement and data processing, our team often takes on the role of a pioneer and comes to unique solutions that promote the development of all participants in the media advertising market.

Our strengths
  • Research of media audience size and characteristics

  • Monitoring of media advertising and content

  • Software development, testing and implementation of innovative and high-tech solutions

  • Using our own and global best practice to find solutions to Russian media industry problems

Our work in figures
> 500 TB

TV recordings every six months

> 5,2 bln

On-air events on our database

> 2 TB

Data incoming stream per day

> 15 bln

Records on events per day

Key clients
Our values

We put heart into our work


We reach new heights every day


We take responsibility for our work

Human-centered approach

We think about people as well as business

We are part of the professional community
Social Responsibility
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