Panel research is the foundation of Mediascope measurements. Panel data provides an idea of human behavior in the media, socio-demographic profile of the audience, of content preferences and other important parameters that are necessary for the company’s clients for their operational work and strategic planning of communications.

TV panel

The Mediascope TV panel includes more than 20 thousand people throughout Russia and represents the entire population of the country aged 4+. The company’s TV panel ranks fifth in the world in terms of its scale. TV meters — special devices that automatically collect information about watching TV are installed in the homes and dachas of the participants in the television study. The content and ads seen by the respondents are recognized with the audio matching technology used by the TV meters.

Internet panels

Mediascope uses two panels for the Internet measurements: a desktop one with more than 15 thousand respondents, and a mobile panel with more than 14 thousand respondents. They represent the entire population of Russia aged 12 +. Data on visiting various web-resources is collected using special measuring tools that are installed on the devices of the panel members. In case with the desktop devices, this is a special browser add-on, and it’s a measurement application as for the smartphones and tablets. Information about the audience is also collected using the company’s counters, which are posted on different web-pages and Internet sites.

For its Internet measurements Mediascope also uses external data provided by the partners, this is information about activity on the web sites provided by the Internet companies and it is completely anonymized. This information is processed together with the data from our internet panels.


Some Mediascope projects use single-source panels that include respondents who simultaneously participate in several studies: TV and Internet measurements. Such panels are used, for example, in the Big TV Rating project, which is a study of TV content and advertising consumption in several environments at once: in linear broadcast and on the desktop devices using Internet. Data for such projects is collected via router meters. These are special devices that help analyze media consumption on all devices in the household that are connected to the Internet.

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