Our Technology stack

Our work in figures
> 500 TB

TV recordings every six months

> 5,2 bln

On-air events on our database

> 2 TB

Data incoming stream per day

> 15 bln

Records on events per day

We solve complex and knowledge-intensive tasks in industries where all the most interesting things happen: Media, Advertising, Web, Mobile. When solving problems, we are free to choose the most appropriate technologies and tools: AI, Big Data, IoT. We use the most modern and effective approaches to work: scrum, agile development, project approach, lack of bureaucracy.

Mediascope panel measurements

Panel research is the foundation of Mediascope measurements. Panel data provides an idea of human behavior in the media, socio-demographic profile of the audience, of content preferences and other important parameters that are necessary for the company’s clients for their operational work and strategic planning of communications.

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