Project for monitoring PR activity in mass media with brands and company references helps Mediascope’s clients analyse their presence in the media and evaluate the efficiency of their PR communications.

This research lets advertiser companies, advertising and PR agencies, and publishers:

  • Evaluate citation capacity in mass media (TV channels, radio stations, Internet editions, printed media)
  • Determine the media outlet with the maximum citation capacity
  • Determine the duration of their presence in TV and radio broadcasts
  • Identify the most popular articles and publication topics
  • Evaluate competitors’ PR activity and quickly respond to it.

This project monitors data that includes broadcasting of TV channels in Moscow and nationwide, broadcasting of all Moscow radio stations, 900 periodicals, more than 1,000 Internet media outlets (news agencies and newsfeeds). Upon a client’s request, monitoring  of other internet resources can be included.

Project materials collected during the monitoring are stored in a single database. With the special software MediaFocus clients commissioning the research can search for and analyse materials in the database by the set parameters.

Ready-made reports containing statistics of references and indications of citations are available daily, weekly and monthly. The project’s clients are also provided with analytical reports (for each month, quarter and year) containing the information on the total number of citations, advertising equivalent of publications, information activity dynamics and its distribution by certain mass media, as well as by newsworthy events.

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