For more than 20 years, Mediascope has been measuring the TV audience in Russia. Our clients receive daily TV Index data on linear viewing of the federal TV channels at home and dachas. We also fully measure the second screens — desktop and mobile.

This year we started measuring Out-of-Home TV viewing in bars, hotels, transport and other places, where a person may have a contact with TV channels with sound turned on. The volume of Out-of-Home TV advertising viewing is recorded on the data of the Mediascope mobile panel using audio matching technologies and the geolocation data of the wearable device. By combining these two data streams, we obtain information about Out-of-Home TV viewing and, using standard processing algorithms, add this data to our main supply.

At the moment, Mediascope measures the TV advertising Out-of-Home audience in Moscow. Our plans include the expansion of the measurement area to other regions of Russia.


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