Mediascope has conducted a special Kids&Teens research and studied the life values and specifics of media consumption of children and teenagers from 4 to 17 years old in Russian cities with a population of more than 100 thousand people (about 11.5 million people in this age range).

Here are just some of the results that we learned in this research.

  • 35% of children aged four to five already have their own smartphones. In the age group of 14-17 years, this figure is 92%. 22% of children and teenagers have a personal laptop, and 34% have a tablet.
  • The most popular category in blogging content among children and teenagers is life hacks (44%), followed by «unpacking» and reviews of various products (41%) and videos dedicated to the ordinary life of peers (29%). The least popular were interviews (10%), fitness training (8%) and psychological advice or meditation videos (7%).
  • Among teenagers aged 12 to 17, 94% use social networks at least once a month, and a quarter spends there more than three hours a day. The younger the audience, the smaller this share is: in the group of 9-11 years old, 66% use social networks (only 8% — more than three hours a day), in the group of four to eight years old — 25% (only 1% — more than three hours). Mostly, social networks are used by children for communication and entertainment — 90 and 86%, respectively.
  • 87% of children aged four to five already use the Internet, 53% of them do it every day.
  • 11% of children aged 9-11 have their own blogs, channels, and social media groups. Another 36% of children of this age dream about it. Among teenagers aged 12-17, 10% are already content creators and 22% dream of becoming them. The most popular explanations for blogging are the hope of making money and the desire to become famous.
  • In the future, children aged 12-17 dream of working as IT specialists (16%), linking their lives with creativity (actor, blogger, designer, etc. — 12%), becoming a doctor (9%), doing business, entrepreneurship (5%).


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