On November 22, 2023, Mediascope held a conference for clients and partners.

Top managers and experts of Mediascope presented the implemented projects, the development of media measurements and their technologies, and shared the company’s plans for 2024.


The conference started with a welcome speech by Ruslan Tagiev, CEO of Mediascope, who presented the most important areas of the company’s work over the past three years.

Development of TV measurements


Executive Director Ksenia Achkasova made a presentation on the development of major syndicates and key trends in TV research.

In 2023, Mediascope launched measurements of Out-of-Home TV viewing — in bars, hotels and other places. We do this based on data we receive from our mobile software, geographical information and audiometry technology.

New data delivery system


Ivan Ugryumov, Head of the Mediascope Product Development Sector, told about the new three-level Mediascope data access system.

The first level is a UI that allows users to solve most data analysis tasks.

The second level of access is working with the API through Jupyter notebooks, which provides extensive data analysis and customization of reports.

The third level is accessing the API directly using JSON requests. This option requires programming, but it allows to integrate data into the client’s internal processes.

Cross Web: the Internet as we know it


Mikhail Zotov, Director of Business Development at Mediascope, explained how Internet audience measurements and our Cross Web project work.

The Cross Web, which we launched in 2022, is a system for researching human behavior in a digital environment. The Cross Web uses uniform calculation standards, so that Internet data can be compared with other media.

External sources: from data to metrics


Mikhail Kozlov, head of the digital innovation sector at Mediascope, presented the Metrix project.

Every day we receive more than 50 billion events and about 65 thousand descriptions of the content from our partners. A new system, Mediascope Data Platform, was built to process this stream.

After classification and processing on the Mediascope side, the data obtained can be used for analytics at various levels: from market-wide estimates to studying the dynamics of content popularity on individual platforms.

Useful projects based on RPD and other data


Andrey Boyarinov, CEO of MediaHills (part of Mediascope Group), told how the company, together with telecom operators, built a technology for combining data obtained from various sources: RPD, viewer contacts with advertising and viewer activity on the Internet.

Outdoor Advertising Measurement

Ilya Shershukov, Admetrix CEO (part of Mediascope Group) presented the measurement products for the Out-of-Home market.


Admetrix measures more than 160 thousand advertising surfaces in 50 Russian cities every month. Four measuring products are available to the company’s clients:

  • Monitoring of advertising structures in standard, network formats;
  • Monitoring of digital advertising structures;
  • Data on audience volumes and audience volume dynamics from month to month;
  • Audience profiling by gender, age, and income.

Figures and trends in 2023: briefly about the important


Irina Suanova, Head of the Customer Relations Department, presented current trends of video consumption in Russia.

Each generation has its own peculiarities of media consumption: with age, the volume of TV viewing increases and the share of Internet activity decreases. For young viewers, TV clearly has an entertainment function. The share of the information function of television is growing in the older groups.

Among the Internet sites, YouTube is the largest in terms of its share of the time budget. This platform is also primarily an entertainment platform.

Kids&Teens Research: More about the Little Ones


Marina Pikuleva, Director of Special Research, presented the results of Mediascope new project — Kids&Teens study.

Since the age of 4-5, children have been actively using the Internet and accessing the network from various electronic devices. The availability of smart speakers is growing.

Video of the conference and speakers' presentations in Russian language are available on the website.


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