May 17th, 2022, Digital Brand Day, the annual industrial conference in the field of marketing and advertising, was held in Moscow. The event was attended by the largest players in the media advertising market: media holdings, advertisers, Internet platforms, advertising agencies and groups, outdoor advertisers, data providers and other infrastructure market participants. The conference was organized by the association “Rusbrand”, and its co-organizers: Mediascope, National Advertising Alliance (NRA) and Adindex.

At Digital Brand Day 2022, Mediascope presented the latest trends in media consumption in Russia, as well as provided a large overview of the e-commerce market audience in the country. Online shopping has already become one of the most common activities of Russians; in regard to the proportion of time spent online e-comm resources rank fifth after social networks, videos, instant messengers and games:

  • E-comm resources in Russia are visited at least once a month by 70% of the country’s population over 12 years old, and 33% do it on a daily basis. On average, an Internet user spends about 20 minutes a day doing online shopping.
  • The penetration of the e-comm activity is significant in all age groups, but it decreases with the age of users: if in the most active groups the monthly coverage of the category is about 90%, then in the oldest group (65+ years) it is about 30%. The most active users of the e-comm are people aged 35-54. At the same time, women spend more time on online shopping than men.
  • The dynamics of e-comm activity can be significantly affected by certain events, such as World Shopping Day and Black Friday, or some holidays. On weekends, more time is spent on online shopping than on weekdays. Some decrease occurred with the start of the special operation in Ukraine, but activity is gradually returning to its previous levels.
  • The “central” and largest e-comm category is marketplaces. Several marketplaces cover 95% of e-comm users in total, and 10% of the users use only this category of resources during a month. Large categories of e-comm resources also include online clothing, footwear and accessories stores, online pharmacies, hardware stores and grocery stores.
  • Russians are increasingly looking for goods directly on the marketplaces on the Internet. So, for example, in the categories of coffee, diapers, baby food, and in a number of other categories, the largest share of the search queries on the desktop is already taken by the markteplaces.


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