Starting January 19th, 2022, Mediascope began to provide accelerated delivery of data from the TV Index project. At present, its customers will have daily access to national TV measurement data for the previous day.

TV Index is a recognized project in the Russian media advertising market, it aims to measure the television audience in Russia. The users of the project have access to data on TV channels viewed both at home and at dachas. This year, starting from January, the company’s customers will be able to experience accelerated delivery of preliminary national data on home TV viewing, i.e. to receive it the very next day after the release of the broadcast event. This will allow them to make a faster analysis of what was the interest of the audience when viewing certain events and programs, and, thus, to make decisions about the program scheduling of the channels.

Previously, only data for Moscow region was available the next day while preliminary data for the country were supplied by the company on the second day after the broadcast, and the final data on the third day.

After multiple independent audits, the Mediascope television measurement system was recognized as complying with international requirements and the declared implementation technology. In 2019, the company was re-selected as a unified TV measurer. The collection of data on the TV audience is carried out using people meters with the Audio Matching system, which is installed on each TV. The scale of the home and dacha panels of the project ranks 5th in the world and amounts to 7,651 and 1,455 households respectively (total of more than 22 thousand people).


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