Mediascope launched a new project to measure the audience of Internet resources and mobile applications in Russia – Cross Web, which replaced the current WEB-Index project. The company has taken a new approach to data aggregation and significantly increased the speed of data delivery. Now Mediascope clients will be able to receive data on the audience of Internet resources on the third day after the measurements.

Cross Web measurements cover the entire Russian population aged 12+. The Users of the project can analyze the audience of Internet resources using desktops and mobile by different social and demographic groups throughout the country, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Mediascope collects data for research through its own desktop and mobile panels. The size of the desktop panel for the project is 14 thousand people. The data on the Internet activity of the respondents using this panel is collected via special software installed on the laptops and desktop computers of the panelists (Research Bar). The data on media consumption with the usage of mobile devices is collected with a mobile panel of more than 20,000 people. The respondents are recruited to the panel both offline and online. The data on the respondents’ mobile activity is collected using a special application installed on the panelists’ devices. Currently, the data is collected only on Android devices, but Mediascope is looking for an opportunity to add iOS users to the project as well.

Mediascope has revised the approach to validation and selection of the respondents in the production of data, as a result of which the measurer has achieved a better record of the panel members’ media activity. The mobile web measurement also began taking into account the audience of the “fast” pages on the sites that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices when switching from the search engines – AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Turbo pages.

To combine the mobile and desktop data and calculate the final measurement results, Mediascope applied a new approach based on the generation of a synthetic population. Such population consists of synthetic (virtual) units, which are a combination of the two respondents – the desktop and mobile panels, whose behavior is very alike. Each unit permanently represents 100 people in the statistical population.

Cross Web users can interact with the project data in three ways: through the user interface (UI), through the API, or using the Jupyter Notebook. The data on Internet sites and applications can be analyzed throughout the resource, and in some cases at the level of individual media products (the resource sections).


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