Mediascope research company and the largest Russian outdoor advertising operator Russ Outdoor have entered into an agreement of intent to acquire a controlling stake in the Admetrix business, a provider of audience data and monitoring out-of-home (OOH) advertising, by Mediascope.

This agreement is a logical continuation of cooperation between Mediascope and Admetrix. In April 2021, the companies decided on a strategic partnership, as a result of which, in September this year, they launched the first joint project – monitoring of digital billboards.

In this new format of interaction, the companies will jointly continue to develop tools and products for measuring the OOH advertising market, helping to increase the transparency of the OOH market for advertisers and brands and allowing to compare the costs of outdoor advertising with other types of media when planning and evaluating their cross-media campaigns.

Russ Outdoor quote: «Today Mediascope is a leader in the independent media research market, and we are confident that the entry of such a reputable company into the capital structure of Admetrix is a logical continuation of the cooperation that will actively contribute to the development of the outdoor advertising industry and increase efficiency for advertisers in the OOH market».

Mediascope quote: «The agreement of intent between Mediascope and Russ Outdoor to acquire a stake in Admetrix business meets the growing industry demands for outdoor advertising measurements, requests for access to more complete and transparent data. Our joint solutions will give the market a single coordinate system that will allow advertisers to approach the assessment of advertising placements in this segment more efficiently». 


About Mediascope:

Mediascope is a leading Russian media research company with more than 25 years of work and research on the advertising and media monitoring market. Mediascope measures the audience of all media outlets in Russia — TV, Internet, radio, press, as well as the consumer preferences of the population. For more than a quarter of a century Mediascope has been creating products that provide media market participants with insight that helps them make strategic decisions and close data-driven deals. Mediascope’s research is based on international industry standards: ISO, ESOMAR, OIROM (Association of market and public opinion researchers), IAB Russia.

About Admetrix:

Admetrix is a supplier of outdoor advertising monitoring data and audience data, a specialist in working with maps, geoinformation systems and various kinds of data, on the basis of which the audience characteristics of advertising structures and advertising campaigns in the out-of-home segment are calculated. The company's products are also an assessment of the effectiveness of advertising through interviews with respondents and audit of placement.


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