In October 2020 the research company Mediascope launched a regular delivery of data on countryside TV-viewing all around Russia. Now the company takes countryside TV measures not only in large cities, but also in towns with the population less than 100,000 people. Total size of a countryside panel is now 1,450 households.

Mediascope measures countryside TV-viewing among Russians aged more than 4 years, who have a countryside house with at least 1 usable TV-set. The company measures countryside (as well as home) TV-viewing with peoplemeters that are installed on each usable countryside TV-set.

A share of 21% of Russians have a countryside house with at least 1 usable TV-set. As for those who live in large cities, this figure is 28%, and for those who live in small towns and villages – it’s 13%. In August (from 10 to 31 of August) the countryside TV-viewing (among all Russians over 4 years old) was added 10% to the average daily time home TV-viewing, in September (from 1 to 27 of September) – 9 %.

In 2020, Mediascope has doubled its home panel in towns and villages with the population less than 100,000 people, up to 2,100 households. The whole countryside and home TV panel of the company totals more than 9,000 households and countryside houses around the country.

Mediascope’s executive director, Ksenia Achkasova, says, this year Mediascope has fulfilled all obligations to expand its TV panels, despite the pandemic issues. An important part of these obligations is launching measurement of countryside TV-viewing nationwide. We are happy to start delivering this data. Now TV-channels, advertisers and ad agencies have the most comprehensive data on linear TV audience in Russia, for content programming and advertising campaigns planning.


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