In August 2020 Mediascope started delivery of data on Yandex audience and its projects on desktop in the WEB-Index research. The measurements include the population of all the country over the age of 12.

To measure Yandex audience, Mediascope used a new method based on the joint analysis of its own user-centric panel data, obtained using special software installed on the Internet panel respondents’ devices, and using impersonal information from the Internet company on visiting its resources. All processing, verification and aggregation of data is on the research company.

In 2021, Mediascope plans to start delivery of data on mobile phone audience of Yandex projects, using the new approach.

Mediascope’s general director, Ruslan Tagiyev, says, they are happy to announce that they resume their cooperation with Yandex on measuring the company’s websites total audience. Digital market is interested in increasing transparency and completeness of the audience data, and as a research company, Mediascope is always ready to look for new methods to measure all its actors.

Yandex’ commercial director, Dmitry Kachmar, says, transparency and completeness of data on the audience of the Russian part of the Internet are a significant incentive for the development of Russian advertising market. Yandex deems important to provide clients with independent verification of their advertising traffic, and assessment of their resources audience. They are happy that in a dialogue with Mediascope they did find together a solution for independent measurement of Yandex audience, which allows them to strike a balance between data security, that is their priority, and the transparency the market needs.

How does new approach work?

Yandex provides Mediascope with a minimum necessary set of impersonal information on visiting its resources which is enough for the audience analysis. The Internet company guarantees random data selection based on an algorithm agreed with Mediascope. Mediascope verifies and processes impersonal information from Yandex.

Final audience indicators are calculated using two sources: data from the Mediascope’s Internet panel, that is obtained with special software installed on survey participants’ computers and laptops, and processed data from Yandex.


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