Now advertising traffic can be independently measured by Mediascope on Yandex and Yandex Advertising Network. Mediascope’s clients will be able to use a partner integration for post-campaign analysis when launching an advertising campaign on Yandex.Direct. A new option is based on an ad verification platform that Yandex launched last autumn. Megafon was the first company to use the research by Mediascope through the verification platform.

Yandex and Mediascope agreed on launching an independent measurement of banner and video ad audience at the end of 2019. Data on Yandex ad audience can also be integrated with the Mediascope standard reports and general ad campaign parameters can be measured in metrics comparable to other media (TV, radio, etc.): reach, frequency, socio-demographic factors. Mediascope’s measurements include cities with the population over 100.000 people aged 12+ years old, and take into account desktop and mobile ads.

Ruslan Tagiev, Mediascope CEO, says that a solution for independent ad campaign analysis on Yandex is a result of effective collaboration between the companies. “Now advertisers can measure the entire audience of their digital ad campaigns in unified metrics and statistics”, – he said.

Vladimir Mosin, Yandex Advertising Product Development Director, says that partnership with Mediascope is an important step in developing transparency and measurability in the digital ad market. “We totally acknowledge the need for the most independent measurements and continue integrating independent ad verifications companies into our platform”, – he said.

In order to activate a post-campaign analysis by Mediascope, Yandex.Direct users need to go once through Mediascope’s authorization process in their personal advertising account in Yandex.Direct. An advertiser won’t have to put in counters’ codes for each banner, it’ll suffice to tick only those that will need to be measured by Mediascope. Data on ad impression are collected with the special software from the research company’s respondents (user-centric panel), without use external counters on Yandex. No personal user information is leaked outside Yandex services, to ensure data safety.

Data about ad campaigns on Yandex and Yandex Advertising Network are available in the standard Mediascope delivery in the research company's software.

Mediascope post-campaign analysis can also be add in the Yandex.Display account. In order to use it advertisers need to contact their Yandex managers.


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