The research company has combined data from home and countryside (dacha) television viewing and has started the commercial supply of this data on the market. This decision was made earlier at the meeting of the group of users of TV measurements, bringing together experts of the advertisement market from advertisers-members of Rusbrand, communication agencies-members of AKAR and television channels.

Mediascope is the first company in the world which has combined data from home television viewing and out of home TV watching (in dachas), collected with the help of one technology- peoplemetres.

The first time this combined data was available was the 4th of august, it includes factual information on television viewing for the 1st of august 2019. All the future “house+ dacha” data will be supplied daily.

The measuring of TV viewing in dachas started in July of 2018. Citizens of Russian cities with a population of more than 100k people, aged 4 and up, who own a dacha or a countryside home with at least one television are included in the research. Around 1000 households are included in the dacha panel. The collection of data about the TV audit of countryside homes is similar to the technology used in the project TV Index: the registering of TV viewing is carried out with the help of peoplemetres with the system of Audio Matching, which are installed on every TV set in the dacha.

According to the data from august 2018- june 2019, the growth of countryside TV viewing to the general television rating in the summer months reaches 20%. During the winter months it is significantly lower, but at the same time it doesn’t go down lower than 2-3%. Among child viewers and older viewers the growth of dacha TV viewing in comparison to home viewing in the summer is more than among middle aged people, and it can exceed 20%. The growth also depends on the day of the week: on weekends it is noticeably higher than on weekdays due to the arrival of working people to the dachas.

Executive Director Mediascope Ksenia Achkasova:

“The company Mediascope has already been measuring TV viewing in countryside homes for over a year. This whole time we have been producing test data on TV viewing in dachas in the form of a separate database, but for the use of this data in the system of the sale of TV commercials we had to integrate the data with the data from home TV viewing. We are pleased to begin the supply of this combined data and we believe that this is an important step for the whole industry, since now the market can take into account a significant part of the audience for media planning and purchasing TV advertisements.”


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