Mediascope will measure advertisement campaigns on YouTube


The research company Mediascope along with Google are planning to start a project which measures advertisement campaigns on YouTube before the end of 2019. The end product for post-campaign analysis will include desktop along with mobile placements on the video service.

The collection of data about advert placement will happen with the help of the user-centric technology, when a special software is installed on the device of a participant of the study, which analyses their activity online. The post-campaign analysis of advertisements on YouTube will be integrated in the overall monitoring of video advertisements done by Mediascope, according to which advertisers and agencies can receive an overall report on all platforms and video platforms in metrics, statistics, comparable with TV (reach, frequency, socio-demographic characteristics of audience etc.)

According to the data collected by Mediascope for December of 2018, the video streaming platform YouTube has the largest audience: it reaches 52% of the population in big cities of the country (with a population of more than 100k people) aged 12-64. It is followed by VKontakte which reaches 44% and Odnoklassniki (30%) as well as Facebook and Instagram (total reach 20%).


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