This is a new step for the company towards creating convenient and functional services for working with data from research.

The research company Mediascope has released an interactive web-interface for working with the data from the project WEB-Index about Russia’s internet audience. The dashboard is available for all users on the company’s website, it is convenient to use and aims to simplify reporting, which currently is published in the form of separate sets of files. In the near future the interactive dashboard will fully replace the usual monthly reports on the company’s website.

Currently, users on the service can access general data about the audience of the internet in Russia, a list of the biggest resources, extended data on websites, which are clients of the project WEB-Index. All the data can be analysed in a few clicks according to the following parameters:

  • The type of device (desktop, mobile, desktop and mobile);

  • The locations (the whole of Russia, Moscow, cities with a population of more than 100k, cities with less than 100k);

  • The socio-demographic characteristics of the audience (sex, age, income, employment).

The dashboard also allows for the analysis of the trends of an audience over a certain period of time and to compare that with the audience of several other resources. All the information within the service is presented in the form of interactive table and graphs.

Earlier Mediascope introduced a dashboard for the analysis of video adverts on the internet to the market. The release of the interactive reporting by the project WEB-Index is yet another step for the company in the direction of creating convenient and functional services for working and researching data.

Detailed reference information about the project WEB-Index and about working with the dashboard is available in the section “About the research” on the interface page.

About the project WEB-Index

The project WEB-Index has been in place since 2007 and provides information about the volume, profile and other characteristics of Russia’s internet audience. The research represents the population of Russia aged 12-64, around 20k respondents take part in the study across the whole of the country. Data about the desktop audience is available form the whole of Russia, and about the mobile audience only from cities with more than 100k citizens. In the near future, Mediascope is planning to increase the number of locations included in the measurements of the mobile audience so that the study covers the whole of Russia.


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