According to the data from the study, 72% of listeners of online audio content pay attention to digital audio advertisements.

Mediascope, on the initiative of IAB Russia, has conducted a study on the audience of digital audio content and the relationship of its listeners to audio advertisements. The target group- citizens of Russian cities with a population of more than 100k people, who listen to audio content online without paid subscriptions and ad blockers.

The most in demand audio content is music. 95% of those surveyed listen to music, and a third of these people listen to it every day. In addition to this, two thirds of all listening happens on mobile devices whereas only a third takes place on desktop devices. Most commonly people listen to music while doing household tasks (62%) and while travelling (61%).

According to the data from the study, 72% of listeners to audio content pay attention to advertisements. Among these people, 85% of people agreed to listen to audio advertisements in order to get access to free content. 68% of those surveyed said that they were not opposed to listen to advertisements including information about discounts and sales.

The willingness to listen to audio advertisements also depends on the duration of the audio advert. According to 53% of the people who pay attention to audio advertisements, the acceptable duration of video adverts cannot exceed 15 seconds.

Apart from the actual audio clip, listeners of audio advertisements also pay attention to accompanying interactive elements. Banners, placed next to the player are noticed by 60% of those surveyed. A further 53% said that they noticed banners located above the content.


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