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Intelligence Applied is the home of the latest thinking from TNS, where we discuss the issues impacting our clients, explore what makes people tick and spotlight how these insights can create opportunities for business growth.

Decisive corporate cultures, in-depth market understanding and a precision approach to identifying opportunity: can emerging market giants retain this competitive edge as they move onto the global stage?

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We reveal the complex ecosystems that control the fate of new technologies - and how businesses can predict, manage and profit from their impact.

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Many apparently successful ads fail to engage those who do not already prefer the brand - we reveal what they must do differently to deliver on customer acquisition.

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Western tastes and familiar media channels appear to make Indonesia a natural home for global brands. However, to succeed they must adapt to the very specific needs of the country's consumers.

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Automotive insights: The luxe edition.
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TNS Korea achieves international recognition.
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Customers defect to competition even when companies perform well. Read more Unlocked: the secret of irresistibility.
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